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        Hongxuan adhering to the "to be strict and careful, to be honesty" of the enterprise purpose, to be practical, to have bold innovation, efforts to expand the market, and all kinds of products sell well all over the world.  We are deeply loved by the masses of users and be trusted, in the society has set a good corporate image and has a wide range of visibility.

        According to "come up with new ideas for development, make new breakthroughs in reform, break new ground in opening up, the new work to a new step" requirement, enterprise products strict quality first, depending on the international economic market, hit the import and export mark one by one. Second, hongxuan requirements must be well placed for enterprise employees, attend social endowment insurance, medical insurance and industrial injury insurance, protect the worker's vital interests and the legitimate rights and interests. In the business competition, abide by equality, mutual benefit and reciprocity, the principle of equivalence, paid, urban credit, with strict and careful, realistic style, lead the tide of Guangdong enterprises do better, so as to promote sound and rapid economic development in Guangdong.

        Strengthen Hongxuan enterprise project management, the establishment of enterprise dynamic project library, carefully screening of all kinds of projects, actively planning a batch of strong radiation effect, motivating, projects with market potential, more with big companies, large enterprises at home and abroad exchanges and cooperation. In line with "the implementation of a batch of, for a batch, plotting a batch of" basic train of thought, play "popularity, geopolitical" two CARDS, for money, to run the project work. Recent export in China is lower than in the US and Europe for nearly 10 years, the domestic same trade, lack of productivity. Guangdong Hongxuan, in order to protect the market as a starting point, to strengthen the design and development of products, improve the bargaining and the introduction of equipment, improve the level of automation. To deal things from macro to micro aspects specifically.

        Honesty is a Guangdong Hongxuan must follow law of industrial group co., LTD, the requirement of market economy, especially after China's accession to the WTO, facing the international strategic pressure increase, more require companies to particular about business ethics and fair competition. So work manner, makes me create a good economic development environment, growing to resist the impact of financial crisis, therefore, Guangdong Hongxuan in reform, development and stability in the production and operation of the construction of the various tasks, good for the healthy and steady development of Guangdong economy play a role of the battle stronghold.

        According to the view of economics, perfect competition market is the most efficient market forms, one of the characteristics of a completely competitive market is the market there are many enterprises, the Guangdong Hongxuan has the product technology structure and unified, resourceful, characteristics of operation and flexible, able to adapt to the market rapidly changing market environment, to improve the market efficiency and enhance the vitality of energy play a powerful role in promoting. Guangdong Hongxuan goals become the main force of enhance regional economic vitality.

        Over the years, Guangdong Hongxuan is growing stronger, GDP amounted to 3 billion yuan a year. And has a certain contribution in the donation and charity. In response to "five-year plan", Hongxuan will constantly improve the marketing network, improve after-sales service abroad and cultivate new export competitive advantage; Extend the value-added chain of processing trade. Pay more attention to the positive role of import and export; Actively participate in global economic governance and regional cooperation, cope with trade frictions properly. Help enterprises to exploit international emerging markets.

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