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        Guangdong Hongxuan Investment Management Co., LTD., which is located in the heart of Guangzhou's financial center and city CBD - Fuli Yinglong Plaza, is a professional international financial investment services company. The company engaged in financial products such as domestic commodity futures, international foreign exchange, electronic contract gold etc. about the trading, investment management and information consulting services. Up to now, the company has been adhering to the "customer first, being honest and trustworthy" as operating principles to create more valuable service, and actively yet prudently in finance and investment to provide high quality service for the customer.

        Guangdong Hongxuan Investment Administration Ltd focus on professional investment service.We are always develop the domestic and international fiance market and had established business relationship with couple top fiancial institutes so far.We commit to provide the best finacial market and premium service to the investors through the world.

        With the help of strong power backgroud of a group company,our company with our ambitious goal strive to develope into a  listed company in Domestic GEM(Growth Enterprise Market) in future.We own lots of professionals who are expert in Financial Investment Analysis,Project Investment Management,Financial Marketing and so on. Company’s core team members have many years of experience in the international market investment,With large traders internal working experiences, with government departments and international well-known financial institutions have good relations of cooperation. We will create the most top domestic financial management service and the best platform to international commercial stage,providing the best service and investment philosophy to all the customers, the domestic individual investors and domestic enterprise investor can be found  a good capital growth opportunities n the international market,and in a competitive market, superior than other competitors step, one-upmanship.

        Knowledge changes fate, technological achievement ideal, and wealth investment decision. Guangdong Hongxuan investment management co., LTD., will wholeheartedly for the customer service, with customers together for the road to wealth.


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