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    Educational Training:

        Guangdong Hongxuan vocational training schools are approved by human resources and social labor and social security hall of Guangdong province,Specialized in 3 g information technology, Software application development, Network architecture and the game design development of professional training institutions,is the National information technology (NITE)3G scarce talent cultivation project engineer training center in Guangdong province, only authorized by the ministry of authoritative training certification body.

         School with the help of powerful R&D ability,Training ability and brand strength and cooperate with Guangdong province inside and outside  well-known institutions of higher learning, enterprises implement university-enterprise,Forge a highly professional competitive 3 g information professional and technical personnel. not only a set of training, certification, training and research and development as one of professional institutions,but also a direct service on the information industry "special "education entities.

    1.Address: Located in Guangdong Institute Of Science And Technology,4000㎡ Building Area. Completed teaching facility, Dorm and Cafeteria. Nice and organised campus. Library, Playground. Convenience Store, subway station, bus stop and the Guangzhou Railway station are easy-reach from campus, good cultural atomsphere and convenient campus service play a strong role for students
    2. Equipment-Guangdong Hongxuan Investment Management Co.,Ltd had invested more than 1 Million on Teaching facilities eqiupment and all ready untill now.
    3. Mode-We are the company and battlefield with IT(Information Technology),not the school.
    Educational philosophy: paying attention to train talents, adhering the morality to work
    Education pattern: learn to be, being grateful, have skills and develop well
    Educational target: training professional talents with good personal accomplishment and consummate professional for the society
    Operating criteria:
    Combining people with technology, combining theory with practice, combining skills with degree
    Combining employment with starting business, combining entrepreneurial learning  with life
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